v2_redThe costs of spam to business are continually increasing as spam levels grow. Employee productivity is negatively affected as users trawl through their inboxes sorting clean email from spam. Network security can be highly compromised by viruses, phishing emails and general junk sent by email. Network bandwidth is increasingly being taken up by huge amount of junk email. Spamming methods are becoming more and more sophisticated, increasing spam levels on an almost daily basis. The need for effective and efficient anti-spam techniques is as great as ever.


MicroFix can help your organisation fight spam. Our service works by adding a secure layer to your email delivery. Emails sent to your users are routed through to our servers where we filter the spam, virus and phishing emails. Clean email is then sent on to your network.



  • – 99.9 % spam detection rate
  • – Less than 1:1000000 false positive rate
  • – No quarantine area required
  • – No capital outlay
  • – No software or hardware to install
  • – No administration required Easy to set up
  • – Our managed services are platform independent and will work with all current mail servers / hosts


Every month we e-mail our customers with a detailed report of the SPAM activity on their domain for the previous month. To view a sample report for our domain click here.


We offer a 30 day free trial of our Anti-SPAM service including free setup. To avail of this offer please contact us at or 051-841841.


Requirements to use our email filtering service


  • 1. Your own domain name, e.g. Organisations using email addresses assigned by their ISP or free webmail addresses (Hotmail, GMail, AOL) cannot avail of the service
  • 2. A mail server or mail host to which we can send your email


If you do not already meet these requirements, we can arrange for their setup at minimal cost