Here’s a quick list of some of our most popular services. If the service you require is not listed below please give us a call. Hopefully we can help, if not we should able to point you in the right direction.


IT Support

Our job is to keep your computer systems running and minimise downtime.  We get calls from customers every day looking for help and advice. Here are some of the most common support issues we deal with:


• Hardware / Software Installation• Hardware / Software Faults
• Virus Removal• Password resets
• Folder Access • Internet
• E-mail • User Management
• PC Setup • Printer Assistance
• Software Updates • and many more .......

Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support allows us to solve many of our customers’ common IT problems extremely quickly by allowing us to remotely view and control PC’s over the internet. Remote support helps us provide you with a quicker response at reduced costs.

(There is no risk to customers’ security as permission for each remote session must be given by the customer.)


Sales (Hardware & Software)

Cables, Mice, PC’s Servers, Printers, Projectors ………. the list goes on. If you have a hardware or software need there is a very good chance we can supply it. Please ask for a quote

We are a Dell registered reseller.

Anti-Virus (

PC’s and networks are open to infection from virus. Preventing the infection in the first place is always the best option.


We have chosen to partner with ESET as our anti-virus solution provider.

E-mail filtering  / Anti-SPAM (

Time is money and one of the biggest draws on time can be SPAM (unwanted and unsolicited emails). We can filter your email before it reaches your network. Mails are also scanned for virus infection.


Vendor Liaison 

The IT set-up in most small firms is very similar but never exactly the same. The hardware and software used will vary depending on the industry or size of business. We can liaise with vendors before purchase to make sure your current hardware and software are suitable and meet any minimum requirements the supplier may have. We can provide assistance during installation and we can make support calls on your behalf when something is not working.


Consultancy and IT Strategic Planning

In today’s super connected world your business can’t afford to be down for even a few minutes not to mention hours or days. What happens if a server fails – how long will it take to get it fixed or get a replacement – how many minutes, hours, days or even weeks? Even for small business it’s good to think ahead when dealing with IT. A little advice before a change or a purchase can make life easier down the road.


Will you need new PC’s or Servers in the short or medium term? We can help and advise you on short, medium and long-term strategies. “If I need to add/change a piece of equipment will it be fit for purpose when my company changes / expands or will I have to replace it with something bigger or faster?” We can advise you of future planning.



Most small companies deal with IT issues on a day-today basis or call for help only when something breaks. It is better to have a plan.