19Battery PowerTo extend battery life on your laptop, tablet and smartphone. Turn off wi-fi and bluetooth when they are not being used.
18SecurityHave you ever lost a USB pen drive? Put a Word or Text file on the drive with your contact details
17BrowsersCTRL + L or F6 will bring you directly to the browser address/search bar
16ExcelPress CTRL + ; (semi-colon) to enter today's date
15WindowsCTRL + S saves the current document (Use often)
14IE, Chrome, FirefoxCTRL + N opens a new window, CTRL + T opens a new Tab
13WindowsCTRL + P opens the printer window (Number of copies, Choose printer etc...)
12OfficeF12 displays the Save As.. window
11GoogleTo get the current time at another place in the world type "Time" and a location. e.g. "Time Orlando"
10EXCELPressing F4 repeatedly cycles through the absolute reference options - $C$3, $C3, C$3
9WindowsWIN+L locks you screen
8OfficeF7 starts your spell-checker. SHIFT+F7 starts your Thesaurus
7WindowsPressing the WINDOWS key and P will display Projector options (Duplicate, Extend, Projector Only)
6WindowsF1 will bring up Help for the current application.
5WindowsPress CTRL+HOME to get to the start of a document quickly and CTRL+END to go to the bottom.
4WebsiteExcellent Resource: 1,062 dictionaries in one place -
3SecurityUse characters in you p^$$w0rd$! It makes them harder to guess or break
2IE, Chrome, FirefoxCTRL + L or F6 will bring you directly to the address/search bar
1GoogleType "Weather" and your location to get a quick forecast